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41 years & a million sessions

Interested in becoming a TPC satellite?


  • Does your flock need help with issues that require professional counseling such as crumbling marriages, suicidal thoughts, clinical depression, teen bulimia, gender identity and more?

  • What if your church could provide professional counseling that is also Christ-centered?

  • Do you have seminars, events or workshops that need experienced speakers?


If so...we can help with all of this! We provides these services with 41 years of experience and have a strong reputation as a Christ-centered organization.​


For more details about becoming a TPC satellite for Christian counseling, call our Executive Clinical Director, Dr. Kevin Downing, at: (714)-451-0791 extension: 0789 or email:

How we can help your flock

Local pastors speak highly of us

Lead Pastor Larry Walkemeyer, PhD
Light & Light Christian Fellowship
North Long Beach and Cherry Campus

Pastor Rick Darden
Friends Community Church
Brea, CA

​Pastor Zac Kintner
Sherman Oaks Presbyterian Church
Sherman Oaks

"I would say, the benefit to the church is fivefold for us...
  1. It provides a ministry partner rather than just a referral. We see TPC as a ministry partner…an in house service/ministry that shares our compassion for the hurting. All we have to do is provide a room and we have a healing partner.
  2. It provides a tangible option for pastors to download their counseling load's much different saying...Go see a counselor...vs. go see one of our counselors from TPC...It provides our pastors with an immediate "out" so they aren't stuck long term or so they don't try and handle cases beyond their expertise.
  3. It increases our reputation as healing place...whether people come to our church or not...because TPC is here, people are more apt to think "that's a place that provides mending for broken lives."  
  4. We have had great new couples and singles start attending our church because they came on premise for a healing session and started liking the vibe they felt around the office.
  5. It helps us stay kingdom's not just about "OUR church" it's about doing kingdom work...if we can provide space so that kingdom work gets done even if it doesn't help us directly...that's great stuff for God."
"TPC has been a consistent blessing to our church family, as well as, our pastoral staff for several years.  In our ongoing attempt to minister to people, TPC plays a key role.  We are able to refer many of the more challenging situations to the TPC staff of therapists. 
This gives our church family excellent care and enables our staff to minister more in their areas of strength.  We are happy to provide facilities for the TPC therapists and we are happy to include counseling scholarships in our church compassion ministry budget."
"It's a real blessing to our community and ministries to have a TPC counselor on our campus.  It is a great help to me to be able to refer our people in need to our TPC counselor and to know that they will be counseled in a manner that focuses on Jesus and their walk with Him. 
It makes it easy for our people to get strong, loving, and effective counseling in times of need.  I am very grateful for this program at our church."
"Dr. Robbins connected quite well with our congregation and was able to lead well, while he presented.  It seemed like he has spoken to our congregation before.  I felt that the congregation was in good hands.  I look forward to more opportunities to benefit from Turning Point Counseling and Turning Point Stewardship in the future.  The values and principles we learned regarding Financial Management help set the tone for our church and help turn our finances around. Glory to God.
I pray for continued fruit and increase in all of the endeavors through Turning Point Counseling. Frances, thank you so much for making the initial connection possible.  I will always be grateful for your redemptive heart, you and Turning Point Counseling are a real blessing to the Body of Christ."
"Here are just some of the benefits that Turning Point Counseling offers a church:
  • They provide solid Professional Christian counseling that can help churches who only offer pastoral counseling
  • They provide licensed and Pre-licensed counselors with a variety of expertise in all areas
  • They partner well with the vision of your church
  • They help to make the "care umbrella" of your ministry sound"
"The TPC Counselor is disarming and low key, easy to talk with and extremely down to earth.  A Pastor can find a good friend in him and a strong resource professionally when it comes to the needs of the people in his congregation. He loves what he does and comes at it naturally.  He is gift of God and brings his God given gifts and skills to his counseling ministry along with a deep passion and professionalism.
As a Pastor, seeking to balance the demands of family and the pastorate, he gives me that feeling of confidence that I can leave delicate situations in his capable hands and not have to worry about the possible negative reaction that could come from a bad referral. Occasions arise in which I have been given the freedom to phone the counselor for insight on an upcoming situation that will be unfolding in my office.  He is available to sound off ideas on and share insights that better prepare me for an upcoming difficult situation in an individuals life or a families life."

​Pastor Charles Latchison
Light & Life Christian Fellowship 
West Long Beach

​Pastor Kenneth Perdue
Abundant Living Family Church
Rancho Cucamonga

Associate Pastor Randy Gardner
First Baptist Church

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