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"[Our therapy has been] especially reassuring and effective in improving communication and strengthening our marriage." -Mark K.

TPC's therapists

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Dr. Robbins is the Emergency Room Marital Therapist. What does that mean? Dr. Robbins specializes in bringing couples back from the brink of divorce. ​ The therapy needed for those who are seriously considering divorce is very different from your typical marital therapy. It's direct. It's concise. It's active. Having worked with couples for over 41 years, he's well-versed in the challenges of saving a wayward marriage. ​ Often, finances are a part of the problem, if not central. Many studies deem poor financial management as the #1 cause of divorce. As a financial advisor, he brings expertise to these challenges, too. Couples go to Dr. Robbins when "all other things have failed." ​ With over 41 years & 30,000+ hours of experience, Dr. Robbins effectively and efficiently resolves issues. His approach is interactive. He gives clear & direct feedback and useful advice in plain English without psychobabble. He's down-to-earth/user-friendly, with most resolutions in under 12 weeks. ​ Click on the Schedule an appointment button above so he can start the process of helping you today!

Trapped in a cycle of explosive conflicts or an ice-cold relationship? Would you rather feel close, safe, supported & understood? ​ Many are stuck, thinking they've tried everything. In reality, they've tried a few things over and over. Dr. Downing opens doors for new self-awareness. This is a game changer in our love relationships.

"He heals the brokenhearted and binds their wounds." - King David Do you need God's healing grace? John will use his experience as a 21-year Marriage Family and Child Therapist, worship leader, husband and father to channel God's supernatural healing to you.

Are you asking yourself, "Is there any hope?" YES! There is a lot of hope for you.​ ​ If you are you tired of the cycle where every argument looks the same, accepting negative behaviors from others, lashing out at loved ones, avoiding conflict when others hurt you or putting substances over loved ones, them I'm here for you.

Are your wounds reaching deep into your mind, body, soul and spirit? Let's nurture every aspect of your being back to wholeness! ​ I blend psychology and faith for non-judgmental and compassionate client-centered therapy. My approach incorporates evidence-based strategies and resources. I'd love to help you gain the tools for strong relationships, healthy functioning and feeling well.

Do you need to feel heard and not judged by someone? I love providing compassionate and non-judgmental therapy centered around your needs. I want to make you feel safe, heard and understood.

Feeling stuck in a horrible pit, sinking deeper in the quicksand with no one to help you? This is where I meet my clients. Life is hard and relationships are challenging. People face stress, anxiety, depression and heart ache.

Going through a tough season of change? “Change is inevitable, growth is optional.” My specialty is supporting people through difficult seasons. I'll give you context, assess your situation, understand your past and help you move forward.

Need relief from emotional pain due to a tough life event? I desire to give you the opportunity to digest your pain while feeling heard, understood and seen. I want to be a space of support, shamelessness and hope that you need in this moment. I am here for you.

Do you ever wrestle and wonder, "What’s going on? How will I make it, or can I get through this?” I'm here to tell you will get through this! ​ "We cannot heal what we conceal." ​ I am deeply committed to the progression of healing. If we allow ourselves time to heal a broken bone, why then do we pressure ourselves to quickly overcome the deep-seated emotional and spiritual wounds accumulated over years?

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