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Individual Counseling Services

"Empowering Your Journey with Support and Guidance that Meets You Where You're At."

Turning Point Counseling offers a sanctuary for personal growth and healing. Our individual Christian counseling services, rooted in Christian faith, provide a supportive environment for you to explore, heal and thrive. Whether you're facing life's challenges or seeking deeper self-understanding, we're here to guide you with compassion and wisdom.

"After meeting...only a few times, I started to gain direction and confidence within myself." -Justine B.

41 years & a million sessions

Mental Health Counseling

🌈 Anxiety Treatment

Attain Peace & Relaxation: Understanding and managing your anxiety. Learn coping mechanisms that foster peace of mind and relaxation in your daily life.

😔 Depression Treatment

Restore Hope & Happiness: Tailored support to overcome depression. Engage in strategies that bring back joy and a renewed sense of connection, to improve your overall mood and perspective.

🧘 Stress Relief Counseling

Achieve Calm & Control: Develop effective practices to manage and reduce stress in your life. This service helps you build resilience, maintain calmness, and handle life's pressures more effectively.

😠 Anger Management

Control Your Anger: Insights to understand and manage anger, promoting emotional balance and healthier relationships.

🧠 CBT Therapy (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

Transform Thoughts & Behaviors: A goal-oriented therapy that focuses on changing thought patterns and behaviors. CBT helps address a variety of issues including treating anxiety, depression, and fears.

Life Transition Counseling

🌱 Life Change Counseling

Master Life Transitions: The guidance you need through significant life changes such as marriage, parenthood, career shifts, and aging, ensuring smooth transitions.

💞 Relationship Counseling

Enhance Partnership Skills: Gain insights and strategies to strengthen your romantic relationships, whether you are dating, engaged, mate selection, or considering partnership options.

💔 Divorce Counseling

Navigate Divorce Successfully:  Navigate the challenges of divorce with resilience and courage, finding a path to recovery and new beginnings.

🍽️ Career Transition Counseling

Navigate Job Changes: Practical steps for handling job loss, career changes, and finding new opportunities with optimism and strategic planning.

Trauma Counseling

🌪️ Trauma Therapy

Recover from Past Trauma: Comprehensive support for individuals recovering from traumatic events, focusing on healing and reconnecting with oneself.

🕊️ Grief Counseling

Heal and Find Peace: Compassionate support for individuals dealing with loss and pain. Engage in the processes to understand and cope with grief, helping you reconnect with life and find inner peace.

🛑 Abuse Recovery Counseling

Break the Cycle of Abuse: Empathetic and empowering counseling for survivors of all forms of abuse for rebuilding trust and self-worth.

🌟 PTSD Therapy

Overcome and Reclaim Your Life: Therapy for individuals suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, designed to help you overcome trauma-induced symptoms and reclaim a sense of peace and normalcy in your life.

🌺 Fertility and Miscarriage Support

Hope and Healing: Compassionate support for those facing fertility challenges or coping with miscarriage, providing emotional healing and practical guidance.

Behavioral Therapy

🔗 Codependency therapy

Cultivate Healthy Relationships: This therapy assists individuals in seeing patterns of codependent behavior. The focus is on developing self-esteem, setting boundaries, and fostering mutual respect in relationships.

🍽️ Eating Disorder Therapy

Achieve Nutritional Wellness: Comprehensive help that allows individuals to overcome eating disorders by creating healthy eating behaviors, improving body image, and addressing the psychological roots of the disorder.

🔒 Porn Addiction Recovery

Restore Control & Integrity: Dedicated therapy for individuals seeking to overcome pornography addiction. Get the tools and strategies to break the cycle of addiction, restore personal integrity, and improve relational dynamics.

📱 Social Media Usage Counseling

Regain Your Time & Focus: Control and reduce excessive social media use. Learn effective strategies to achieve a balanced, healthier relationship with technology.

🚭 Vaping Cessation Counseling

Breathe Freely Again: Specialized support to quit vaping, focusing on identifying triggers and developing healthier coping mechanisms. This service empowers you to reclaim your health.

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