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Services, rates & insurance

41 years & a million sessions

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Restore relationships, soothe emotion& more...

Your journey is one of a kind, but we start with (click to learn more):

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resources & strategies
for Couples

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neutrality & honesty
 for Families

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support & guidance
for Individuals

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structure & validation
for Kids & Teens

Get help

 in-person (8 sites)

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by phone

Tailored to you

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Step into a space of hope and healing - we're here to walk alongside you as God reveals His plan of restoration for your life. Our Christian psychology practice is anchored in the timeless Biblical principles of Truth, Love & Grace.

For those of different beliefs, we proudly offer holistic therapy that embraces all of you with compassion & respect.

A person in red with a chaotic brain and a person on the right in teal with a smooth, orderly brain.


Be it Behavioral, Cognitive, Talk, EMDR, DBT or another approach, we'll use the right therapy for you. In a faith environment, you will receive the absolute top care professional counseling has to offer.

Find your issue

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Marital difficulties
Divorce prevention

Affairs & unmet needs

Pre-marital counseling
Cross-cultural couples

Anxiety & stress
Depression energy​

Suicidal thoughts


Eating disorders

Unseen & unheard

Out of control teen

Fertility & miscarriages

Communication needs

Illness & family loss

Porn dependencies

Gender identity

Social isolation

Technology overload


Anger management
Loneliness & grief

Abuse of all kinds

Grief & loss

Emotional outbursts

Drug & alcohol issues


Sexual dependencies

Gambling dependencies

Food dependencies

Children rearing

Parenting challenges

Blended families

Bullying & friendships

Declining grades

Job loss & purpose
Birth, death or empty nest
Aging parents

School transitions

Mate selection

Another issue? call: (714)-451-0791

Is therapy right for you?

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Long-lasting issues signal that you need professional assistance.

Get a consultation to see how we can help, before things worsen.​

See us even if your partner isn't ready. They may soon join you.


A therapist's rate is based upon their qualifications and discounts for your income level. Contact us to find out a therapist's rate for you. Sessions are 45-50 minutes.


Most health insurances will cover some or all of your therapy. Please, ask them directly if they will cover your counseling. We don't bill insurance.

Call: (714)-451-0791 or click below for assistance!

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