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Below are answers to some common questions about Turning Point Counseling and our Christian counseling services for Orange County and Los Angeles County.


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15 frequent Christian counseling questions

1. What is Christian counseling?

Christian counseling integrates faith-based principles with psychological science to offer holistic therapy. It respects both spiritual and mental health needs, helping individuals, couples, and families find healing and growth within a Christian context.

2. How does couples counseling differ in Christian therapy?

In Christian couples counseling, therapists apply scripture and Christian teachings to address relationship challenges. This approach not only aims to resolve conflicts but also to strengthen the spiritual bond between partners, fostering love and understanding consistent with Christian values.

3. What can I expect from marriage therapy in a Christian counseling setting?

Marriage therapy in a Christian setting focuses on restoring communication, understanding, and intimacy through faith-based principles. Expect sessions to include prayer, biblical principles, and practical counseling techniques that honor both your spiritual beliefs and emotional needs.

4. Is family counseling available for all members, including children?

Yes, our family counseling services cater to families of all sizes, including children. We provide a safe, understanding environment where every family member can express themselves, guided by Christian compassion and professional psychological practice.

5. What qualifications do your counselors and psychologists hold in Los Angeles County and Orange County?

Our team consists of licensed psychologists and counselors who hold advanced degrees in clinical psychology, marriage and family therapy, and are trained in Christian counseling techniques. All therapists are certified to practice in both Los Angeles County and Orange County and are licensed or registered with the State of California.

6. How do you incorporate Christian values into therapy?

Our therapy sessions are built on Christian teachings and reliance of God's power to heal all in His perfect timing according to His plans to heal and build us. We respect each client’s individual spiritual journey and tailor our approach to align with their faith perspective and psychological needs.

7. What are the benefits of choosing a Christian counselor in Los Angeles County or Orange County?

Choosing a Christian counselor in these regions means working with someone who understands the unique cultural and spiritual landscape of Southern California. This local understanding helps in addressing specific community-related stressors in line with Christian values.

8. Can Christian counseling help with anxiety and depression?

Absolutely. Christian counseling addresses mental health issues like anxiety and depression by combining clinical therapy techniques such as CBT with reliance upon Christ's promises and teachings, providing a dual approach to treatment.

9. What is the typical duration of a couples counseling course?

The duration of couples counseling varies depending on the specific needs and situation of the couple. Generally, counseling can range from a few weeks to several months, with weekly or bi-weekly sessions.

10. How do I know if marriage therapy is right for us?

Marriage therapy might be right if you're experiencing persistent conflict, feel distant from your partner, or face significant life transitions. It is particularly beneficial when both partners are committed to healing and growth under Christian guidance. However, many of our sessions start with just one partner, which in turn inspires the other partner to join.

11. How confidential are counseling sessions?

Confidentiality is paramount in all our counseling sessions. All discussions, records, and personal information are kept strictly confidential according to federal HIPAA regulations, except as required law to prevent harm.

12. What is the cost of family counseling in Orange County?

The cost of family counseling varies based on qualifications of a specific therapist and the income level of the client. We offer sliding-scale pricing and discounts for those in need of assistance. Call us today so Cheri, our office manager, can tell you the price of therapy for you.

13. How do I book an appointment for Christian counseling?

You can book an appointment in Los Angeles County or Orange County through our website by clicking on the Schedule an appointment button or by phone. We have same-day appointments available every day, Monday through Saturday.

14. Are online counseling sessions available?

Yes, we offer online counseling sessions for individuals, couples, and families via the premium Sessions software. This option is ideal for those who prefer the convenience of therapy from home or live outside the immediate area of our physical offices.

15. What should I bring to my first counseling session?

For your first session, bring any relevant personal information or documentation that can help your counselor understand your situation better. It's also helpful to come prepared with an open mind and readiness to discuss your concerns.

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