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Specialty Counseling Services

"Bringing Peace and Balance to Your Mental Health."

Turning Point Counseling is where faith meets healing, understanding, and personal growth. Our dedicated team offers specialized Christian counseling across a wide range of areas, helping individuals navigate life's challenges with strength, resilience, and the love of Christ.

"We will definitely continue to receive counseling services at Turning Point...Good Christian counseling is what they have to offer!" -Roslynn M.

41 years & a million sessions

Mental health and disorder management

🔄 OCD Treatment

Optimize Daily Function: Tailored strategies to manage OCD symptoms effectively, enhancing day-to-day functioning.

🧠 ADHD Treatment

Boost Daily Effectiveness: Practical tips and strategies designed to improve focus and productivity for those with ADHD.

😊 Bipolar Disorder Counseling

Achieve Stability: Dedicated support for managing bipolar disorder, helping individuals and families maintain emotional balance and well-being.

🔒 Chronic Pain Management

Live Beyond Pain: Counseling to manage chronic pain, enhance quality of life, and foster emotional resilience.

🌙 Sleep Enhancement

Achieve Restful Nights: Effective strategies to combat insomnia and sleep disorders, promoting restorative sleep and improved daily functioning.

💡 Suicidal Ideation Counseling

Find Your Life's Hope and Light: Compassionate support and strategies to address suicidal thoughts, offering real hope for a brighter future.

🎭 Narcissistic Personality Disorder Support

Dependency counseling

Manage and Understand NPD: Treatment for Narcissistic Personality Disorder, whether for you or someone you love.

🎰 Gambling Counseling

Regain Financial Stability: Stop gambling, aiming for financial recovery and emotional health.

🔗 Sexual Permissiveness Recovery

Restore Personal Integrity: Unwire sexual dependencies, fostering healthier relationships and personal growth.

🛤️ Path to Recovery

Path to Renewal: Faith-based counseling for use issues, offering practical steps and spiritual support towards recovery.

Personal growth & professional development

🧭 Life Coaching

Personal and Professional Fulfillment: Life coaching services designed to help you achieve your personal and career goals, aligning with your authentic core values.

🚀 Business Mentoring for Entrepreneurs

Thrive in Your Industry and Living: Customized mentoring for business owners and entrepreneurs, focusing on foundation-building and balancing success with a flourishing personal life.

🙏 Leadership Support for Clergy

Care for Caregivers: Specialized support for clergy and leaders, providing renewal and care amidst the pressures of leadership roles.

✨ Spirituality Counseling

Deepen Your Spiritual Journey: Explore and strengthen your spirituality through the power of Christ and professional therapy.

🌺 Women's Empowerment Counseling

Overcome Societal Challenges: Addressing unique challenges faced by women, from societal pressures to personal and professional growth, empowering women to thrive.

🧔 Men's Counseling

Embracing Life's Journey: Designed for men confronting a range of challenges, from personal growth to relationship dynamics, offering support and strategies for holistic well-being.

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Issues for both couples and individuals are under Specialties.

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