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Dr. Peter Robbins,             

                                             Psychologist, LMFT, PhD

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Office in Fullerton, Video or by Phone

Dr. Robbins is the Emergency Room Marital Therapist. What does that mean? Dr. Robbins specializes in bringing couples back from the brink of divorce.

The therapy needed for those who are seriously considering divorce is very different from your typical marital therapy. It's direct. It's concise. It's active. Having worked with couples for over 41 years, he's well-versed in the challenges of saving a wayward marriage.

Often, finances are a part of the problem, if not central. Many studies deem poor financial management as the #1 cause of divorce. As a financial advisor, he brings expertise to these challenges, too. Couples go to Dr. Robbins when "all other things have failed."

With over 41 years30,000+ hours of experience, Dr. Robbins effectively and efficiently resolves issues. His approach is interactive. He gives clear & direct feedback and useful advice in plain English without psychobabble. He's down-to-earth/user-friendly, with most resolutions in under 12 weeks.

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Top focuses: The ER Marital Therapist (Marriage Counseling), Couples Counseling, Relationship Coaching, Parents of Out-of-Control Children (Parenting Therapy), Family Counseling, Therapist to Therapists, Finances & Immigration Evaluations with Individuals, Couples & Families

Other focuses: Also, Dr. Robbins specializes in parents of out-of-control children, teens and under-functioning young adults. Dr. Robbins cuts through parents' bombardment of conflicting advice for handling defiant kids with tried and effective tools to bring peace to your home.


He enjoys helping those with depression, anxiety, panic attacks & phobias and the families of police officers, firefighters & first responders.

"I've attempted therapy through other centers, however, I knew I needed to get back to the best."
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Kelli M

Chino Resident

"Dr Robbins was the first person that made things clear to me...I will not go to anyone [else]."
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John K

Orange Resident

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A pioneer

  • Co-founder; Turning Point Counseling; '83-present

  • Co-Founder, Owner & CEO; Turning Point Stewardship; '09-'23

  • Co-Founder, Owner & CEO; Turning Point Mortgage; '04–'15

  • Co-founder & CEO; Turning Point Financial Counseling (Debt Free Christian), '97–'14

  • Radio Talk Show Co-Host on KKLA 99.5 FM, Journey of the Heart with Dr. Kevin Downing. Weekdays; '90-'98


From navigating the delicate balance between family and business success to addressing employee concerns and the unique struggles of family-owned enterprises, Dr. Robbins seamlessly integrates his clinical insights with practical experience to guide you through your business hurdles.


Dr. Robbins has dedicated over 40 years to serving the spiritual needs of congregations, taking on numerous roles that demonstrate his unwavering commitment to the church and its people.


As a sought-after speaker, Dr. Robbins has graced the pulpits of local churches, captivating audiences with his insightful sermons and thought-provoking teachings. His deep understanding of the scriptures and ability to connect with congregants have made him a beloved figure in Sunday schools, where he has shared his wisdom and guidance with the next generation of believers.


Dr. Robbins' service extends beyond the pulpit, where he has lent his expertise to church boards, helping navigate complex challenges within the faith community. He has served as a peacemaker in internal disputes, using his exceptional conflict-resolution skills to bring about reconciliation and unity.

Recognizing the unique needs of church leaders, Dr. Robbins has also provided invaluable support through his work in lay counseling programs, offering a haven and a compassionate ear to pastors and church leaders. In 1983, he co-founded Turning Point Counseling, a ministry dedicated to restoring Christian marriages and families, providing a beacon of hope and healing to those in need.


Dr. Robbins, a respected authority in his field, is known for his heartfelt sentiment that "My best credentials are not found on my wall, but at home." This underscores his true measure of success - the cherished relationships and family life he has built over the years.


As a devoted husband since 1978, proud father, and doting grandparent, Dr. Robbins' personal life is a testament to his commitment to nurturing meaningful connections. Beyond his professional accomplishments, he finds joy in sailing, skiing, riding his Harley, and other hobbies. An avid reader and global explorer, he relishes traveling and creating lasting memories with his beloved family.

Professional author & speaker

Dr. Robbins has authored numerous audio/video programs, often in collaboration with Dr. Kevin Downing, to bring healing and enrichment to individuals, marriages, and families.


As a sought-after speaker, Dr. Robbins draws from his lifelong quest to help people attain emotional, spiritual, and financial health. His warmth, wit, and personal sharing blend Biblical insight with practical application, making him an extraordinary communicator.

Community superstar

  • Quoted in Newspapers & Magazines Dr. Robbins has been featured in Orange County Register: It's Your Business, Steps, Changes, and Virtue magazines and has been frequently quoted in the San Gabriel Valley Daily Tribune, Progress Bulletin, Los Angeles Times, and Daily Bulletin newspapers.

  • Radio Talk Show Guest He has been a radio guest on Live from L.A. (KKLA), Lite Talk (KKLA) and Faith on the Line (KBRT).

  • Featured Television Guest Dr. Robbins has been a featured guest on television programs such as Joy (TBN), In Your Interest (KHSC), and Jerry Heaps Live (CAT).

  • Featured Expert on various Video Projects Dr. Robbins has been sought out to provide expert opinion and insight on various video projects such as, Power Surge ("Suicide" and "Self-esteem") and Overcoming Depression.


  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist: PSY#12745

  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist: MFT#18023

  • Certified Nero-Linguistic Programming Practitioner

  • Facilitator Prepare Enrich Testing

  • US Army Drug & Alcohol Counselor ('74-'78)

  • Registered Financial Advisor

  • Ordained Minister: Evangelical Church Alliance


  • PhD Clinical Psychology; Cambridge Graduate School of Psychology

  • MA Marriage & Family; Fuller Seminary 

  • BA Psychology; Southern California College (Vanguard University)


Marriage Therapy, Family Therapy, Family Systems Theory, Christian Counseling, CBT Therapy (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) & DBT

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