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Family Counseling, Child Therapy, & Parenting Therapy

"Healing and Harmony for Families and Their Youngest Members"

Turning Point Counseling believes in fostering strong, healthy family relationships through neutrality and honesty. Our Christian counseling services are tailored to address the unique challenges families, children, and teens face today, offering a path to peace, understanding, and resilience.

"Turning Point has been there for our family when we've needed help [with] wise biblical counseling and tender insight." -Nancy S.

41 years & a million sessions

Family counseling

🏡 Family Counseling

Restore and Rejuvenate Family Relationships: Guidance on maintaining balance and truth in family dynamics. Strengthen your family's bonds through open communication and mutual respect.

🔄 Conflict Resolution for Families

Resolve Disputes Quickly and Skillfully: Techniques and strategies to manage and resolve family disputes constructively, fostering a peaceful home environment.

🖤 Grief and Loss Counseling for Families

Grappling with Grief Together: Specialized support for families coping with the emotional impact of illness and loss, providing tools to help family members process grief and support each other during difficult times.

🌿 Family Transition Support

Embrace Changes Smoothly: Guidance for families undergoing significant changes such as moves, divorce, or the addition of new family members.

🛡️ Blended Families Integration

Stronger Family Units: Navigating the complexities of blended family dynamics with grace and understanding.

Parenting support

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Parenting Therapy

Strengthening Parental Skills: Comprehensive guidance and support designed to empower parents with essential skills and knowledge for effective parenting across all ages, focusing on nurturing, discipline, and educational support to foster a thriving family environment.

🤝 Co-Parenting Counseling

Navigating Shared Parenting: Strategies and advice for divorced or separated parents to effectively manage joint parenting

💪 Single Parent Support

Empowering Solo Parents: Tailored support and resources for single parents, focusing on unique challenges such as balancing work and parenting duties, and fostering strong, independent family units.

🚨 Teen Counseling

Strategies for Difficult Behaviors: Offers parents effective approaches for dealing with challenging behaviors in teenagers, including conflict resolution, boundary setting, and communication improvements.

Child and adolescent counseling

🌈 Child Therapy & Adolescent Therapy

Nurturing Young Minds: Help tailored for children and teens, addressing emotional, behavioral, and social challenges. Give them healthy mental growth and coping strategies in a supportive environment.

🤝 Peer Relationship Counseling

Build Healthy Friendships: Guidance to help children and teens develop and maintain healthy and supportive friendships.

🛡️ Bullying Coping Strategies

Overcome Bullying: Empowering children and teens with strategies to cope with and overcome bullying situations with confidence and resilience.

Educational support

📝 Academic Enhancement Therapy

Boost School Performance: Tailored tactics to supercharge focus, study habits, and overall academic performance.

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