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Couples Counseling & Marriage Counseling 

"Strengthening Bonds with Understanding, Love, Resources and Strategies"

Turning Point Counseling is a Christian-based therapy practice dedicated to helping couples navigate the complexities of marriage and relationships with faith, love and professional guidance. Our team of experienced therapists is here to support you Christian counseling that is compassionate and confidential.

"[TPC] has been used by God to bring healing into our lives and into our marriage." -Charles Karich

41 years & a million sessions

Couples counseling

🤝 Couples Counseling

Resolve and Reconnect: Unlock effective communication and reconnect on a deeper level. Overcome barriers together and rediscover your partnership's strength.

🕊️ Conflict Resolution Therapy

Resolve Conflicts Healthily: Get strategies and tools to manage and resolve conflicts constructively and quickly without damaging your relationship.

💰 Financial Therapy for Couples

Manage Money Together: Understand your financial behaviors and learn to manage finances jointly with less stress.

🌍 Cross-Cultural Premarital Counseling

Navigate Cultural Differences: Specialized premarital and relationship support to overcome cultural barriers and enrich your relationship with mutual respect and understanding. 

💍 Premarital Counseling

Prepare for Married Life: Lay the foundation for a lasting, fulfilling marriage. Address expectations, conflict management, beliefs and plans with our premarital sessions.

Marriage counseling

💑 Marriage Counseling

Strengthen Your Union: Strengthen communication, resolve conflicts, and deepen intimacy with tailored support designed to fortify your marital connection.

💔 Divorce Prevention Counseling

Turn Your Marriage Around: Specialized support for couples facing the toughest decisions. Explore paths to healing and renewal with compassionate guidance.

💌 Affair Recovery Counseling

Heal from Infidelity: Heal and rebuild trust after an affair, with strategies to fortify your relationship moving forward.

👨‍👩‍👧 Parenting Counseling for Couples

Harmonize Parenting Styles: Strategies to align your parenting techniques, improving family dynamics and reducing stress at home.

❤️ Intimacy and Sex Therapy

Deepen Your Intimate Connections: Enhance your physical and emotional connection. Learn to celebrate and enrich your intimate life together.

Relationship coaching

🌱 Relationship Coaching

Strengthen Your Partnership: Ongoing support and guidance for couples looking to deepen their relationship and overcome any barriers to intimacy.

🤍 Communication Therapy

Be Seen and Heard: Fostering an environment where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued. Equipping couples with the tools to express themselves clearly and confidently & to listen empathetically for a lasting relationship.

💞 Dating and Relationship Counseling

Build Stronger Relationships: Counseling designed to address common dating challenges and strengthen the foundation of new and developing relationships in the modern world of online and in-person mate selection.

🔄 Life Transition Counseling for Couples

Navigate Life Changes Together: Manage and adapt to major life transitions such as relocation, career changes, or family expansion.

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