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Individual Counseling Services

"Empowering Your Journey with Support and Guidance that Meets You Where You're At."

Turning Point Counseling offers a sanctuary for personal growth and healing. Our individual counseling services, rooted in Christian faith, provide a supportive environment for you to explore, heal and thrive. Whether you're facing life's challenges or seeking deeper self-understanding, we're here to guide you with compassion and wisdom.

41 years & a million sessions

Our services

😔 Depression & Isolation

Get Hope & Happiness: Overcome feelings of sadness and isolation with strategies that bring hope, joy, and a renewed sense of connection.

🌈 Anxiety & Stress

Attain Peace & Relaxation: Learn coping mechanisms to manage anxiety and stress, fostering peace of mind and relaxation in your daily life.

💔 Divorce Recovery

Move Forward Courageously: Navigate the challenges of divorce with resilience and faith, finding a path to recovery and new beginnings.

🕊️ Trauma, Grief & Loss

Recover & Connect: Healing support for those dealing with trauma, grief, and loss, helping you reconnect with yourself and others.

😠 Anger Management

Control Your Anger: Techniques and insights to understand and manage anger, promoting emotional balance and healthier relationships.

🚫 Codependency

Learn to Help & Not Enable: Empowering you to establish healthy boundaries and supportive relationships without enabling negative behaviors.

🚶‍♂️ Loneliness & Grief

You're Not Alone: Addressing the deep issues of loneliness and grief, providing a path to feeling understood and connected by overcoming feelings, building meaningful connections and a supportive community.

🛑 Abuse of All Kinds

End the Cycle of Violence: Sensitive and empowering counseling for survivors of abuse, helping to rebuild trust, self-esteem, and strength.

🎭 Emotional Outbursts

Stop Hurting Those You Love: Gain control over emotional responses, understanding their roots, and finding healthier ways to express feelings.

💻 Pornography

Purify Your Thoughts & Heart: Compassionate guidance and strategies to overcome dependencies, fostering healthier relationships and self-image.

📵 Technology Overload & Social Media Burnout

Unplug: Strategies to manage the impact of technology and social media and prevent burnout, promoting a balanced and fulfilling life.

🚨 Vaping Issues

Cease & Heal: Addressing the modern challenges of vaping, guiding towards healthier habits and decision-making.

💔 Fertility & Miscarriages

Processing & Healing: Offering compassionate support to couples navigating the heartache of fertility challenges and loss.​

Major Life Change Issues

🔄 Job Loss & Purpose: Rediscover your purpose and find meaning in the midst of job loss. We provide support to embrace new opportunities with faith and confidence.

🌱 Life Transitions: Whether you're facing the joys and challenges of significant life milestones like birth, death, empty nest, aging parents, or school changes, we're here to offer guidance and support.

💞 Mate Selection: Navigating the journey of finding a life partner can be complex. Receive guidance to understand and choose a mate who shares your values and life aspirations.

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