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Family, Child and Teen Counseling Services

"Healing and Harmony for Families and Their Youngest Members"

Turning Point Counseling believes in fostering strong, healthy family relationships through neutrality and honesty. Our counseling services are tailored to address the unique challenges families, children, and teens face today, offering a path to peace, understanding, and resilience.

41 years & a million sessions

Our services

🏡 Families, Parenting & Child Rearing

Neutrality & Honesty: Guidance on maintaining balance and truth in family dynamics. Strengthen your family's bonds through open communication and mutual respect.

🧒 Child & Teen Support

Structure & Validation: Providing young individuals with the support and validation they need. Help them navigate life's challenges with confidence and faith.

👨‍👩‍👧 Co-parenting

Get on the Same Page: Collaborative strategies for separated parents aiming for harmonious child-rearing and shared values.

🌩️ Family Conflict

Resolve Calmly & Quickly: Techniques and mediations to address and resolve conflicts peacefully, keeping family unity intact.

🙋‍♀️ Single Parenting

Strategize for Success: Empowering single parents with strategies for success, balancing life's responsibilities with faith and love.

🖤 Illness & Family Loss

Carrying on in Difficult Times: Providing a comforting presence and strategies to cope with illness and the loss of loved ones.​​

🛡️ Blended Families

Stronger Together: Navigating the complexities of blended family dynamics with grace and understanding.

🚨 Out of Control Teens

Bring Intervention: Expert interventions for teens facing challenges, guiding them back to respect, understanding, and self-control.

💪 Bullying & Friendships

Negotiating the Jungle: Building resilience and healthy relationships among children and teens.

📉 Declining Grades

Thrive in a Competitive World: Addressing academic concerns of students with empathy and actionable plans.​

📚 Education and Learning Disabilities

Unlocking Potential: Support for individuals with learning disabilities, emphasizing strengths and creating successful learning strategies.

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Issues for couples and individuals are under Specialties.

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