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Marriage & Couples Counseling Services

"Strengthening Bonds with Understanding, Love, Resources and Strategies"

Turning Point Counseling is a Christian-based therapy practice dedicated to helping couples navigate the complexities of marriage and relationships with faith, love and professional guidance. Our team of experienced therapists is here to support you with compassion and confidentiality.

41 years & a million sessions

Our services

🤝 Couples Counseling

Resources & Strategies: Unlock effective communication and reconnect on a deeper level. Overcome barriers together and rediscover your partnership's strength.

💔 On the Brink of Divorce

Turn Your Marriage Around: Specialized support for couples facing the toughest decisions. Explore paths to healing and renewal with compassionate guidance.

💍 Premarital Counseling

Build a Strong Base: Lay the foundation for a lasting, fulfilling marriage. Address expectations, beliefs and plans with our premarital sessions.

💌 Affairs, Adultery and Unmet Needs

Restore & Maintain Trust: Navigate the complex emotions and challenges of infidelity. Rebuild trust and commitment with professional support.

❤️Sex & Intimacy

Celebrate Your Marriage: Enhance your physical and emotional connection. Learn to celebrate and enrich your intimate life together.

🌍 Cross-Cultural Couples

Embrace Diversity: Unique guidance for cross-cultural couples. Overcome cultural barriers and enrich your relationship with mutual respect and understanding.

🤍 Communication: Unseen & Unheard

You're Seen & Heard: Fostering an environment where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued. Equipping couples with the tools to express themselves clearly and confidently & to listen empathetically for a lasting relationship.

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More issues we help with

Issues for couples and individuals are under Specialties.

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